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Advanced technology that distrupts assets insepction and monitroing

360° Drones

Thrust vectoring that enables 6 Degrees of Freedom force torque control 


Voliro's drone has the unique ability to exert foces/torques in all directions. The drone body can orient itslef to complex surfaces enabling interaction at 360°.

Forces up to 2kg can be applied in any direction, ensuring stable and reliable contact between NDT sensor and inspected surface.

Autonomous Navigation

Multi-sensor fusion enables navigation in challening environments without relying on GNSS


Voliro uses information from multiple sensors to navigate in cluttered and complex environments.

Data from multi-camera, IMU, LiDAR, depth sensors and Laser tracker are fused to robustly navigate in the environment and avoiding collisions.

Power over Tether

For extended missions, power can be provided over tether from ground station


Power from ground station can be provided over tether for extended flight time. No battery charging is required.

Our custom made tether system can be used to fly up to 80 meters. When Tether is not possible to use due to tanglment with complex structures, battery can be used with flight time up to 25 minutes (payload dependent). 

3D Mapping & Modeling

A 3D model of inspected asset is generated and can be used for further inspection planning


Data collected using common NDT sensors can be stored on the 3D model for easy visualization. 

Visiting same inspected points in the future is possible thanks to the stored 3D map, enabling corrosion monitoring and asset degradation rate.