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Voliro technology can be employed in wide range of industries where regular inspection and monitoring of assets in required

Oil, Gas and Petrochemical 

Within Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals we focus on Flare Stack, non-piggable pipes and above ground tanks inspection


Full visual, thermal and NDT inspection of up to 200 m (660 ft) LIVE flare stack is possible.  The inspection can be automated to collected thickness measurement along the stack. 


Pipes at height can be inspected for corrosion and erosion using Voliro aerial robot. It is possible to use Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) or Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) technologies to detect anomalies on exposed or thermally isolated pipes.


Storage tanks can be quickly inspected from inside or outside employing one or more Voliro's aerial robots. The inspection is not limited to visual inspection, but also Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) and Dry Film Thickness (DFT).

Inspection can be automated on a grid, and data collected are presented on a 3D model of the tank. 

Power Generation

Wind Turbine blade full inspection


We offer ultrasonic blade inspection to early deted delamination of wind turbine blades. Delamination is hard to detect visually, and when seen, it is too late. Early detection is crucial for maintenance planning.

Voliro can also inspect the Lightening Protection System (LPS) and its resistivity to earth with minimal stoppage time and without the need for rope access.


Inspection and monitroing of concrete structures such as bridges, silos and viaducts for corrosion and voids 


Taking measurements such as concrete resistivity and potential field mapping can reveal important details about the integrity of concrete structures. In particular, corrosions in the reinforced concrete rebars can largly compromise the structure integrity. 

Voliro con conduct potential field mapping and resistivity measurement on concrete structures for rapid assessment of rebars corrosion.

Maritime Industry

Non-Destructive Testing of vessel ships hull is crucial to detect defects, corrosion and erosion


Dry Film Thickness measurements are crucial to detect erosions and defects of the protective coating on vessel ships. Protective coatings are designed to work within tight range of thickness as specified by manufacturer.

Voliro aerial robot can conduct automated grid coating thickness measurements on ship hulls autonomously. Greatly reducing scaffolds or rope access costs.