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About Us

Voliro's technology is developed at ETH Zurich. The project started in 2017 with one goal: developing next generation of autonomous aerial robots.

Since 2017, several design iterations took place to improve the system and to develop an industrial grade aerial robot with autnomous capabilities. Voliro received support from Armasuisse, Venture Kick, Krypto Lab and Innosuisse. 

Mina Kamel


Timo Müller


Fadri Furrer

Motion Planning

Marius Fehr

Mapping and Perception

Thomas Schneider

Mapping and Perception

Florian Braun

System Design

Anurag Vempati

Mission Planning

Salem Imadjane

Business Development

Advisory board

Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart

Scientific Advisor on robotics

Prof. Dr. Ueli Angst

Scientific Advisor on inspection technologies

Heinz Herren

Business Advisor